Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Dentist


When choosing a dentist in Williston Park, you are looking for someone to build a long term relationship with. Selecting the right dentist is just as important as choosing a good family doctor. It is really important to feel comfortable with your dentist. This way you won’t be embarrassed to share updates about your overall health. This is important to do as medical conditions and prescriptions can affect your oral health.

The following are the top 10 questions that you should ask a new dentist before making an appointment with them.

1. What are your office hours? If they are not convenient there is no point going beyond this step.

2. Is the dental office in an easy location from your home, work or school?

3. Where was the dentist trained and what qualifications do they have?

4. Do they attend medical conferences to keep abreast of changes in the field of dentistry?

5. Is the dentist trained to administer anesthesia and if so what forms?

6. Are there procedures in place to cover emergencies?

7. Does the dentist work with your particular health insurance plan?

8. What happens if you miss an appointment?

9. Are estimates and pricing comparisons available?

10. Can the office accommodate disabilities and/or special needs?

All of these questions are extremely important and will help you choose the right dentist the first time around.

It is always a smart move to compare prices of your local Williston Park dentists. Again, making sure that they work with your dental plan is a huge consideration! By going through this list you can narrow your choices considerably.

You should take the time to visit your proposed dentist beforehand. Look to see if the office is clean and that the staff members are courteous and happy. In addition, dental hygienists and other staff should be wearing gloves and masks.

The staff in the reception area should be only too happy to answer your questions as well. A quick visit will make you either feel welcome or will leave you wanting to look for another option fairly quickly. Use your gut instinct when it comes to first impressions.

If you don’t have an insurance plan for your dental needs you may want to look for low-cost dental care. Some dentists offer special pricing for children and those without insurance. This is an option well worth looking into if necessary.